2021 Sparkling Gewurztraminer

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2021 Sparkling Gewurztraminer
2021 Sparkling Gewurztraminer

Wine club only - in 2020 we decided we would add a new of of sparkling wines. We only use grapes from our vineyard, hence the name Domaine, which is French for estate. We picked the fruit very eary in its developement, right at 18 brix and very high acidity. We use the Methode Champenoise to attain the highest quality sparkling wine. We hope you enjoy our Gewurztraminer Sparkling program. We do plan to keep this going, and hope to increase production down the road. 



Unexpected and sophisticated, this wine is sure to impress many. Light bubbles let the flavors of melon and cucumber sparkle, where they meet a nose of lime zest and spring flowers for the most delicious introduction. A sip brings in a wash of cranberry and a buttery, toasty finish.  We left this in tirage for over a year, adding to its complexity. 

Production notes

Whether it is called Champagne or sparkling wine, what is really important is how the wine is made.  The best Champagnes and sparkling wines are made by méthode champenoise which requires a secondary fermentation in the bottle.

This secondary fermentation is accomplished by adding a mixture of sugar and yeast, called the liqueur de tirage, to still wine. This wine is then bottled and capped, with a bottle cap similiar to ones found on beer bottles – not a cork. The yeast acts on the sugar and the resulting carbon dioxide remains trapped in the bottle. Quality sparkling wines are usually left on their yeast for several months, even up to six years. At the end of this process the cap is removed and replaced with the traditional cork with wire cage.

The important thing to remember is that the secondary fermentation happens in the bottle in quality sparkling wines. If you see the word “charmat” it means the secondary fermentation happened in a large tank, usually an indicator of a lesser quality wine.

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